03 August, 2009

Say Hi to Hodgie the Lion

Well our animal menagerie continues to grow. Yesterday a chipmunk & today a lion! This was something different again! I found a pattern book in Kmart with some wild animals in it. They are knitted animals. I have never knitted anything like that before but once upon a time I did knit a jumper or 2 so figured I could manage this. The knitting was easy & then on to the sewing up. Hmmm... in my days of knitting jumpers I had my mum on hand to sew it together, & yes I could have run to mum again today to get help but decided if I can do all that other stuff I should be able to manage sewing up a knitted toy too. I hope it gets easier from here on in. It was a challenge anyway & that is always good for a person. The yarn is cotton/acrylic mix & from Kmart too, made for these knitted things in their pattern books. It feels really nice for a toy, rather than wool. I did pick colours for my lion that were kind of lion colours. (if you look at my link you can see the lion on the front of the pattern book & he is blue, purple, pink & grey! ) Turns out our colours are also quite like Hawthorn Hawks colours, the team that my boys here barrack for. So that's why we had to call our lion Hodgie. I didn't want him to just be Luke the Lion, King of the Jungle. As he is Hawks colours we had to go with Luke Hodge of course, so Hodgie it is. Ok, so I am a bit nutty but the pets in our house need names. Oh & yes his nose is a little crooked so we can just say it got broken playing footy! lol
In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle, the quiet Jungle
The Lion Sleeps tonight
sung by lots of people...

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Hi Hodgie
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