18 August, 2009

Hodgie has another new friend

Meet Phoebe the plaid Zebra!

Phoebe is another pattern from the book that Hodgie & Ross came from. Phoebe didn't seem like she would be to difficult & it wasn't really, but she took just as much time to "plaid" her as do the knitting in the first place. I nearly didn't "plaid" her but it looks pretty cool now she is done. She wanted to show you her tail & mane as well, so that's why you get a butt shot!


I said if
You're thinkin of
Being my brother
It dont matter if youre
Black or white
Black or White - Michael Jackson


Bronny said...

You are certainly powering along with your toymaking. Pheobe is cute!

Sandy said...

Too cool Mandy, you are creating a toy store.