01 August, 2010

Who would have thought?

If you told us at this time last year that we would move house & have our own little 'farm' I wouldn't have believed you! Never imagined such a thing.

But here we are in the winter & outside digging the rather huge vegie patch to prepare for spring planting. We are excited at the prospect of picking & eating our own grown food again. Last summer we did, but we can't take the credit for the work that went into setting up the garden as that was already here when we moved in. We were very lucky. We really wondered whether we would manage & we are really, really enthusiastic to do it ourselves.

We really love it for BJ. He is loving the outside activities. I am beastly cared about how dirty he gets obviously! lol

BJ had great fun digging & playing with worms. We had to save some worms from being beat up though & told him they had to go back in the ground to sleep. Hmmm... so then he wants to keep seeing them sleeping.

He has the idea of birthdays in his head again after another party yesterday. So he also walked around with his bucket giving us dirt "birthday cake". Mmmm... so yummy. Unfortunately one time he forgot to pretend & did eat some dirt. Who knows what he was thinking! It kept us busy, eating pretend cake & finding worms.

Here is daddy eating his cake...

It's all good. Lovely fresh air (yes quite fresh still for winter of course!) & the idea of freshly picked vegies before too long. Can't wait. It will be worth all the fun in the mud!


Sally said...

What a fantastic day! Brilliant! Lots and lots of fun... and all that fresh air usually = good sleep too :)

Anonymous said...

lovely to see him with such imagination. Glad he didn't give you the worms to eat

Taylor Made said...

How lucky to have some space to do fun things.....growing your own vegies is so good for many reasons but the benefits for the kids are huge. We have just planted out ours for the Spring and added chickens to mix as well.

Sandy said...

Such fun and growing your own vegetables is a great activity for BJ. I love gardening and will enjoy watching your progress :)

Bellgirl said...

Ooh looks lovely there! The mud-bottom is very cute ;)

Our Bug wanted to set up a worm farm so we did it last week- we put a blanket over the top so they could "sleep" too, tee hee.