11 August, 2010

Well There You Go

I have always wondered how families managed when the whole family was sick all at the same time! Well I know now! I have a "Been there, Done that" moment. One I would prefer to have not done but it is & we will gradually get back to normal! Takes a little while for the wonky legs thing to pass but hopefully it is really soon.

After not looking here for a number of days I did come back to see the end of the voting on my poll. Thanks to all of the people that voted on what sock wool to use next. Well it is a draw between Plum & Denim Cream. I will have a vote at home sometime when I get to start them. The other sock has had some delay since the Farm was sick. So I hope to get onto that in the next few days. So stay tuned & once again thanks to all who voted! It was fun!


Full Little Tummies said...

I have been wondering why you have been so quiet. We missed you guys today. I hope you are all feeling well again soon. Let me know if you need some chicken soup. :-)

Sally said...

Hope you're all better now.

angelina said...

hope your farm is feeling better soon, my animals are still sick too! hee hee :)