25 August, 2010

This Crochet Book is a must

I have had a number of crochet books from the library over the last few months. I just got this one the other day. This is one of the best I have seen. For a bit of a novice in the crochet department this has really good info in the start on joining new yarns, starting new rounds, joining up shapes when complete, problem solving things like flatness in your motifs & different edges. The instruction for the different stitches are really clear, if you want to learn how to read a diagram crochet pattern it shows that too & wow, there are so many different types of grannys & the like you will want to make them all! I know I do. The triangles look cool! There are even rectangles, stars & all sorts. Even the circles look cool! I definitely recommend it anyway. I guess I had better give the library their back soon, but I will put this on my wish list at fishpond.com.au for sure!

I had better go & make the most of this book while I have it then!


Catherine said...

I like the look of this book and it sounds helpful for the novice crochet like me. I'll have to see if my library has a copy, thanks Mandy.:)

Lillabilly said...

Thanks so much for this recommendation as I am a novice too and need all the help I can get - I will defianetly check it out!