30 August, 2010

My Lovely Blog Friend

Today was a special day for me. BJ & I got to meet a blog friend! Angelina at Norwood Walkabouts lives not far from me as it turned out! How about that then! A bloggy friend unexpectedly on your own doorstep. I got to meet her & her gorgeous boys! I got to see her blanket that she is currently crocheting using some divine Debbie Bliss yarn that I had never seen or felt before & it really does feel lovely. So soft & luxurious! I also got to browse her beautiful book that she blogged about recently, Fa La La La Felt & saw the huge stack of wool felt she won in bloggy land. Also got to see the fuzzybead garland that her little boy made last week. Angelina was right when she said it looks great hanging up!

I also got to see this... ( I pinched your picture Ange lol).

Angelina had a draw for this on her blog a couple of weeks ago. I won it! So I was very excited to be able to take it home. It really is pretty & very clever! It is knitted in the Debbie Bliss yarn too, so I am now the lucky owner of something with that! Woohoo!

It was lovely to be able to meet up with Angelina after chatting with her on line for a while now. We will definitely get together again for some fun with the boys. Thanks heaps Angelina for having us over for a cuppa!


angelina said...

so so nice today ! and you dont look at all like that pic up there ! enjoy your little flower my dear...so lovely to chat with you today. i wish i had the energy to begin that 'chain - link' crochet joining tonite. . . sadly, my day got even stranger when you left. not that you made it strange ! haha, i'll have a story to tell you over our next cuppa...ps jack is talking about bj tonite ! xxxxxx

angelina said...

AND i'm still thinking of your alexander henry/amy butler bag !!!
AND your dutch/englishy anything but aussie accent ! :))

Chars said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day and made a new friend :) Lucky you to find a blogger so close to you with similar crafty interests :)

Anonymous said...

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