16 August, 2010

It Has Been Busy

I have been totally stuffed all week. I haven't done anything much at all since being sick. But yesterday I finally picked up the sock to finish it off. There wasn't much to go & I was too tired for much of anything, even knitting really but I did it. (actually truth be told I just grafted the toes now! I need a youtube video to help with that!) So there are the finished pair at last. I stuffed the first one up though. I discovered when trying to do the second one. So I had to work out how I stuffed up the first one so I could do the second one the same! That was hard! hahahahaha... Oh well, you wouldn't know it to look at them that they are slightly wrong. They are still wearable but probably better on someone with smaller feet! Oh well, I will not do heels or toes when tired in future. I need to really, really concentrate on those!

Extra tired yesterday after a daily jaunt to Hobart on Saturday. As you do! Just for the heck of it! Actually we had family down there having a holiday so we went down for the day to see them! We took mum with us as well. To some people it seems like a strange thing to do - drive 3.5 hours to hang out with people for 6 hours & then drive 3.5 hours home again! I hadn't really thought about it like that. I was more thinking about the fact of whether we were all going to be well enough for a big outing & was the car going to be well enough for a big drive. Well we were well & the car was made better on Friday. (bloomin' rats eating the leads making car run very badly! Don't laugh, as according to the mechanic it is becoming a common problem! He showed Stuart the leads with the teeth marks on them! Ewwww.... ) So with all those things in our favour we ventured very, very early to a very freezing cold Hobart. Aunty Judy & Aunty Jana were excited to see BJ, & maybe the rest of us too. lol BJ thought it was pretty fun seeing Aunty Juey. He started saying it suddenly! Very cute. It's a big trip for a kid but he was really good. We checked out Salamanca Market. I saw a couple of stands there that I know I have read the blogs of! (so if that is one of you, then Hi!) We showed BJ the Cat & Fiddle doing it's thing in the arcade. He was quite mesmerized by that. I guess it is something that will be an ongoing feature for kids of all ages. I remember sitting there watching it as a kid myself! Mind you, there was no Donut King or Muffin Break of McDonalds in the way back then!

Anyway, I will leave it here with a pic of Aunty Juey & BJ in the mall on the big white ... ummm... big white ... ahhh.... thing with a face! BJ thought it was pretty cool but not cool enough to sit on!

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Anonymous said...

Aunty Juey is enjoying being a kid I think.She has an excuse to do these things just for NJ's sake