20 August, 2010

My Mini Chef

BJ got it in his head that we had to make cake again for Teddy Bear. Apparently it's his birthday today. He has quite a thing for birthdays & cake right now! Second time this week. But now he has his own apron too! Good weather for a bit of baking since we are stuck inside & at home. He's been really good so I have to humour him a little too.


Full Little Tummies said...

I love BJ's apron. How cute!!! We had a cooking session yesterday. It took twice as long as usual and there was mess everywhere, but we had fun.:-)

Anonymous said...

doesn't he look cute and fullof concentration as well. Bet the cake he made was cool.

Sally said...

OH my heart melts! BJ is ***SO*** cute & adorable... as sweet as the cake he is baking. Wonderful.

My boy went through a cake making / birthday party for all the toys phase. It was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. We'd bake a cake together and then sit around decorating paper bags to make hats for all the toys and then... after nap time (can never pass of an incentive opportunity aka bribe) we'd gather all the toys around in a circle and light candles and sing. Wonderful. Low-stress way to wittle away the hours.