26 August, 2010

My Creative Space

Here's a sneak peak at a couple of letters today! This has been my creative space this week, trying to get this done for a deadline. Stay tuned for the rest of the alphabet! Usually A is for Apples, but the apple trees are bare. A is for Ants is rather appropriate around here right now as they are all heading inside through any tiny hole they can find! Can't beat cute little cows like that one either!

For other creative folk around the world check out Kirsty's list!


Sally said...

Gorgeous as always.
I've always wanted an ant farm... I can't wait until the boy is old enough to want one too!!!

Yana said...

wow, those letters are cool! can't wait to see the whole alphabet :D

Taylor Made said...

Looks interesting
...hope you show it when you are finished.
Thanks for stopping by my space today.