21 August, 2010

Plum Socks

Earlier in the week I started the next socks. This is the plum yarn that was a draw in the poll I held last week. I decided on this one since it was in front for most of the poll. Also it was the one that I was least likely to make at all as it wasn't my favourite! So I thought I would use it first & I won't have to procrastinate over it ever again! So I started. Lucky for me, after yet another forced rest again this week I did get quite a bit of time to sit & do a little more of the first sock. The knitting down the leg is easy! Now I am once again at the heel. Ekkkk...

If anyone bought any sock yarn from Spotlight last year don't do the pattern on the label or on the leaflet they had instore! Don't! It sucks. After doing the Regia yarn pattern that was so well written, I am once again getting so confused with this darned pattern from Spotlight. I then investigated the yarn from Spotlight from this year. Hmmm... it has a whole new pattern on the label! Not a surprise at all. Next time I will give that a whirl. In the meantime I am giving myself a headache. I just need to put it down for a bit & then I will go back to it & do the heel in the Regia yarn pattern method. I know last year I really preferred that method & now I remember why! The Spotlight pattern just seems to be missing a chunk of important information out of it! I will be interested to try the newer pattern from their 2010 yarn another time.

Anyway, although I am not really a plum person or as the label actually says, "Merlot", this sock is quite growing on me. You can see the pattern & colours quite clearly! Rather fun really! First sock isn't so bad. It is starting the second sock in the same spot that is the challenge!

Have a fun day & happy voting if you are in Oz!


Karen said...

Hey Mandy your sock is really pretty!! Hope your feeling better for tomorrow:-)

Catherine said...

I'm liking the pattern so far Mandy. Hopefully the knitting doesn't give you too many more headaches.:)