01 July, 2010

My Creative Space

Well after last week's creative space I really don't have much to show on my Dottie blanket! I had that box of wool I was going to use. I started it with that but the plys are a bit too different between the dark & light browns. Then I was also fighting with the joining up part which I was trying as well. It's hard! Does anyone have any tips for that please? It doesn't look like it is hard but it is! For me anyway!

I had started again the other day but just got so bothered by it that I stopped. Stopped looking at the joining technique as well & left it alone for a few days. So, now I have started again again! lol This is it so far. I am just using some acrylics that I had left over from other stuff. So this will be a checked blanket eventually of different squares with white between. BUT... this is the first row & then I have to start with the joining bit! I am trying not to think about that bit yet. I am hoping it won't be so tricky when I go back to it again.

Happy Thursday as for one thing it isn't so icy! For other peeks into more creative spaces see here.


Sally said...

Looking good... and very Irish me thinks :)

handmadehappiness said...

yes very Irish indeed all the way from northern Ireland x

Tayla B. Design said...

Perseverance is the key! Lol.
It looks like we're both having a little difficulty with our projects this week. But, I find it is just that much better when you overcome your obstacles (as cheesy as that sounds ;)

angelina said...

just had a look...is lookin nice mandy girl! are you making little eyelets onthe ends? love the orangey.:)