16 July, 2010

Blanket Battle is Over

Woohoo! Yay! & all that!

Wow, after the battles at the start, I have got my version of the Dottie Angel Blanket finished! I did it mostly like the original, but couldn't do that whole joining thing like the original. I tried, really, really hard to get that joining thing right. But nope, wasn't going to happen for me. So I just went on my merry way hooking up my rows & rows. I did 5. I like 5x5. Plus that way I could fit a couple of extra colours on. More the merrier I say!

Anyway I got the rows done the other night. I then experimented with a couple of different ways to join them. Took a few attempts to see what was going to look nice, or rather, what I wanted it to look like. In the end I did a running stitch basically. I didn't like the whip stitch look on this because of the different colours. A couple of other attempts left me with an obvious front & back on the blanket & I didn't want that. The running stitch does but only a little. With a bit of time & use the seam lines will pull out a little more & there won't be such an obvious seam. So I was happy enough. Not 100% happy, but about a 97% happy! It's done. I did it. The edging is a treble crochet row & then a single crochet row with sort of picots in it. Looks pretty cute. It needed something on the edge. I'm happy with that bit for sure!

Yesterday my Creative Space didn't turn out anything like I had planned. I had only about 20 minutes working on my blocks all day! Not good. Instead I watched Cats & Dogs about 5 times, Monsters Inc. about 8 times, read numerous books with the wee one, (yes while he also watches monsters!). But I also got to sit with wee one, cuddled under the blanket while I did get a chance to hook the edging on it. We had some lovely snuggle cuddle time, of course while keeping an eye on monsters, & some more book time. The words are just tumbling out of him now so all the books are obviously helping. Oh & he also came out with his first tune. We had been reading the Wheels on the Bus book, but singing it of course. Later on he came out with a tune & I realised it was that song. Cool! So I am going to hate that song by the end of the day but oh well, we will keep on with it. I wonder if now the blanket if finished he will claim it. No doubt he will pick it up & lay on it today while he watched more of Monsters Inc. though I will try my hardest to get him into something different.


Sally said...

The blanket looks gorgeous. I love it! Love the colours. Love the white. Love the border.
I like the running stitch to join too.

Karen said...

Yay you finished your Blankey, it looks awesome well done:-) I want to see it IRL now, to check out that fancy boarder you put on it, looks fabby:-)

melania said...

Lovely. One day I will make a blanket. Hopefully! Thanks for your kind words re: my knitting...Looking forward to learning more.

The sourdough is still travelling nicely...I must go feed it soon! Apparently it can take between 4-10 days to activate. I'm hoping to try a loaf as soon as I find the right recipe (book to pick up from library tomorrow!).

Morrgan said...

Congrats! I don't think I'd have the patience to crochet a blanket, very impressive!

Danielle McDonald said...

This looks gorgeous! Crochet is one of those things I just can't master! Got the knitting thing worked out, but am amazed by the whole crochet thing! Love the blocks you make too!

Anonymous said...

The blanket is eally nice and I like the way you put it together

Renee said...

Love your blanky! It's gorgeous!

angelina said...

wow you finished!! somehow i missed this post. i'll have to hear more about your joining method. i love the edging, so feminine!

Anonymous said...

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