18 July, 2010

A Bit of Variety Today

The weather has been rather dismal here lately. It is to be expected being winter & all. I suggested to Stu yesterday morning that he help me make cinnamon scrolls. Well he did. Actually he ended up doing all of it except rolling out a half lot at the end. He left that for me so I could say I did help! hahahaha... Anyway, they are good. Very sweet but good. Lucky I cut the sugar in half on my batch. We had 4 dishes like this full. One dish has gone to some people who need it. I am going to put one dish in the freezer. If anyone reads this & wants a cuppa today with a scroll come on by! Good weather to sit with a cuppa.

Yesterday here at Fell Farm we also had a pretty black swan in the paddock. We watched it from the lounge window for a bit, then went out in the rain for pics. As you do. The cows spotted it & went for a look. Swannie had a close encounter with a couple of cows. They were very curious & not bothered by it at all. In fact I think they wanted to play. Swannie disappeared over the hill so Stu went to check it was safe & sound. Yep back in the dam where he was free of bothersome cows. At least we didn't have to do swan rustling today like the other week when there was pig in a paddock & pig rustling was in order. I love living the country life, pigs & all!


Anonymous said...

oooo - they look good - what is your recipe ?

Anonymous said...

Just what I need for my lunch today, Yum

Barb said...

Beautiful swan....and those rolls...yummy

I am going to post on my blog tomorrow about you winning the guess....I just need your addresss now.

Sally said...

Wow - country life looks so good. I hope that one day life will present us with an opportunity for a tree change.
Loving that cinnamon scroll too... I suspect it will be all gone by the time I make it to your place. Too bad for me.