12 July, 2010

I Am In Love

...with the Thermomix! I went to a demo of this yesterday. I am super-duper impressed. I can see why a friend is swearing by her thermie so much! I am jealous that she can make so much in so little time. I was totally blown away by what it can do - chop, blend, mix, whisk, steam, process, cook! Yes it it like a food processor but it cooks too! It is really remarkable. If you had one you could do away with all your other gadgets in your cupboard. Yes, you could. So could I! If I had one. I will be saving up for quite some time. I need to take Stuart along to a demo so he can see how cool it is. He does half the cooking in our house so it is only fair! :-) But seriously, they aren't a cheap gadget, but like all good products, you get what you pay for. This is German quality so it lasts a very long time. Yes I want one. Would love one. But I will have to save really hard, or sell an awful lot of my blocks! Hmmm... & does anyone want to buy a mixer, bread maker, slow cooker, etc etc.... lol

If you want to see what it can do visit my friend Chelsea over at Full Little Tummies. Tell me you aren't impressed by what she does cos you would be lying!

Now go click on my madeit link on the sidebar & go & buy a couple of my block sets to get me started! hahahahaha


Full Little Tummies said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only crazy one that is in love with a kitchen applicance. They truly are an amazing little machine!

nerines said...

chopping would be good. I'm not so fond of it and wow! That does look flash!

Karen said...

OMGOSH Mandy I am the same as you...so want this fabby machine that DOES DO IT ALL:-) but alas the price is just a smigen tooo much.... *boohoo*