26 July, 2010

Crochet cloths

I have been meaning to post this pic for a few days now but the weekend has been busy! Plus we kind of had a long weekend as Stu had an RDO today. It makes it feel like an extra Saturday. We have got quite a bit of gardening done, getting the beds ready for new vegies for summer. I can't wait. I was sad to pull out the spinach the other day but the cows liked the plants.

These are 4 cloths I did over the previous week. I can don one now in about 1.5-2 hours. It's great. I was pleased to sit & do something simple & mindless after the blanket project was done. I had been wanting to do these for a while just to use this cotton I had. The 2 on the left are with Anchor Magicline, my last precious supply of that. It is discontinued so it is hard to find. I love it. It is nice to crochet with & feels nice in a cloth plus the colours are really pretty. The top one is Grit stitch & the bottom one is Sedge stitch, my favourite. I like it to do & I like the feel of the cloth that it makes. The white & blue ones are using Sirdar cotton. I have had this cotton sitting there for a while & wanted to try it. It's really nice to use. I have 3 colours of it & may have to lash out on a couple of other colours sometime. Plus they are larger balls so I will get more out of them. Always a bonus. The top one is Sedge stitch again & the bottom one is a Backloop cloth - half treble stitched in the backloops only. This is really easy & makes a larger cloth. Sedge & Grit stitch use lots more cotton & make smaller cloths.

I have dug out some knitting now. I haven't done any all winter so thought it was time before the winter is over!


Chars said...

Very pretty cloths. What are you knitting?

Catherine said...

You've been busy. I love the dishcoths you've made and the stitches are really pretty. I'm still learning so it's interesting to see the different crochet stitches you've used. Happy knitting:)

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever learned all those stiches although I did't know the name for them anywat

Jo said...

Wow they are lovely. Much better than my sad effort. Maybe I need to use thinker cotton.

Sally said...

Simply and mindless is so great isn't it?
Wow - you're quite the speedy hooker these days. Bravo to you.
Loving your dish cloths as always - some lovely colours there.