27 July, 2010

Kids and Books

A while ago I posted about this book. It's one of our favourites. BJ loves it - ALOT! Ok, it doesn't have words at all, but it has the best pictures that follow the people in the town through a series of scenes in the four seasons. It is great. There is such a lot to see. We look at this one such a lot. But we also read a lot of others. BJ loves books!

Anyway what I really wanted to post is a link to this article by Pip at Meet Me At Mike's. If you have kids, then click on the link & go & read it. It's well written, simple & true. Every child needs books around. Lots of books! Go on then, I'm done here, go read that. It's much more interesting that what I have written today!

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Karen said...

That Book is Awesome!!!!