20 February, 2017

Tablecloth Addiction

I really love how that apron came up the other day.  I did buy a couple of tablecloths at the same time.  The only reason I bought three was because the one I liked the most had a pretty crocheted edge on it.  It looked so good I thought it would be too pretty with that to pass up.  I am still thinking on that one though & how I can best use it with that edging.  Do you do that too?   Process it for a few days to make something work the best.  It's good.  Talking it over with someone is good too if you know of a like minded person.  But I usually know when I have the right solution. 

It didn't take me long this morning to play with these though.  This is the second one from the table cloth that I used the other day.  This time I used the design in the centre for the front panel.  I also cut the border off & used that for the waist band!  It looks really cool I think with that.  It's not perfect, accurate, exact or anything.  It's not easy to cut strips off odd shaped fabric.  I do cut them as straight as I can but as they are used cloths they are a bit off, so hey, it's all part of the fun or re-purposing isn't it?  The back has the great big flower print on it like the one the other day had on the front.

Edited - I kept this one... :-)

Another cloth turned into 2 more bags.  I tried to change the design on these but it was a smaller cloth so had to cut them where I got the pieces to fit.  Again for this I used the borders for the waist band but for all these I did have to add pieces to either end to make them long enough to tie.  They really are pretty though.  

It will be interesting to see at the school fair whether they will sell now or not.  My crystal ball is broken so I don't know what the customers will be looking for this year.  

Being that the school fair is right before Easter, it's nice to add a little rabbit theme in too.  I still had 7 fat quarters of this rabbit fabric in my fair stash box.  I did draw string bags a couple of years ago, but now the school will have new families, new little kids coming through, which means people that haven't seen them before.  So I have another 14 bags that maybe some lucky kids with score at Easter full of eggs.  

Now I just have to wait until Wednesday when I get a chance to go op shopping again.  On the hunt for table cloths!

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Anonymous said...

Good idea to find them in Op shops as not many people seem to use tablecloths these days. Place mats seem to have taken their place.