16 February, 2017

Present Pressure

With the school year comes children's birthday parties doesn't it not?  Have they started for you yet?  We have a surprise one thrown in for the coming week.  I don't mind really.  Because I have a plan.

... insert evil laugh here...

I had decided the other week what I was going to do for the birthday children this year.  No traipsing around shops & indecisive givers.  No $$$ going to crap that I know parents will probably cringe at, even though it shouldn't matter as after all it is the thought that counts isn't it?

But present pressure is high.

  • It's got to be trendy.
  • It's got to be something to suit the child.
  • It's got to be something they don't already have!  (Impossible!)
  • It's got to be expensive by all accounts.
  • A parents pocket doesn't stretch to all the party expenses all through the year.  

I don't mind shopping for gifts really.  I actually love it.  I am probably exhausting the ideas though for 9 years old.  When most kids have more than enough, even Lego sets, although a great item to get & is usually much loved, it is starting to feel like a cop out.  

So once more the sewing page I follow has given me the inspiration & the courage to bust out handmade gifts for the kids this year!  

What do you think?

This is for a girl.  It's a cushion....  apparently she loves Pokemon.  She isn't into really girly stuff.  Handy that I had Pokemon fabric huh?  This post has actually taken me longer to write than it did to sew the cushion cover.  I sewed the cover after tea.  I think it took 20 minutes.  BJ is rapt.  He wants one now of course but nope that isn't happening right now.  He needs to learn to give stuff he wants first.  

So I am prepared.  I have Star Wars fabric.  Some more Pokemon stuff.  Race cars, will probably pick up some tractor stuff sometime too.   In the meantime I will keep work in stock of cushion inserts so I can buy them as I need.  When I get bored sometime I may even run up a few at once.  Oh, but I need some longer zips I think.  Darn it.   But I will work on that bit too.  Each should get a little better than the last I think. 

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Anonymous said...

How do you manage to come up with all these ideas? All kids would love a cushion for themselves!!!