27 February, 2017

Long Time Project

Ages ago I started a cross stitch picture.  

At the time it was tricky to get into.  Not really my kind of thing either which makes it even harder to do.  The last few years were tricky for serious cross stitch work though too.  The boys are big enough now though for me to leave it about a bit more like I used too.  

Anyway, I pulled it out on January & got it finished today.  I am very pleased it is completed.  It is going to it's home now so I can stop looking at it & cross it off that list of projects to do at last.  I hope the person it is for likes it still!  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No wonder it took a while to get back into because it looks like a high count of fabric ( can't think of the right term now. The recipient will be very happy I think.