26 February, 2017

Don't Fence Me In

It's been a big few days on Fell Farm.  

Stuart had some days off, firstly to go to the school sports day that he hadn't had a chance to get to previously.  So that was cool.  But then he also planned to get working at home.

The work extended into the weekend & this is the result - a partially fenced orchard but an almost complete chicken run.  We even managed to get the chicken house down there.  So finally after about 4 months it is out of the garage!  It looked big in the garage, but suddenly it seems small.  

Only a couple of things to do now & we are ready for the chickens.  We only have to get them from next door!  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos of the property and excellent fences. I'm sure the chickens well be really pleased with their run.