15 February, 2017

Superwoman Aspirations

It's crazy how fast the days go by.  Where do the hours go that the boys are at school?   I had so many things to do today!!!  I am annoyed that I didn't get more done!

On the upside I did get one job completely complete!  Realistically it basically consumed my day.  So I didn't get to work on some of those other projects AS WELL.  It becomes frustrating that I can't do two at the same time.

With the new school year having started it is inevitable that the school fair follows along right behind.  So once again I crack out the machine (which I thought I broke today but thank goodness I hadn't!)  I am on a group full of sewing inspiration & recently came across an idea for hanging hand towels.  Crazy me thinks it will be a nice change for the craft stall at the fair.  Crazy me gets a bit excited.  I managed 18 towels complete today.  So 16 are off to the fair.  If they don't sell at the fair they will probably go on the mother's day stall for some poor mums to receive on their day.  Two I am keeping.  I ruined them a bit so I can't have them on the stall.  So they are mine - the 2 below hanging on my oven door.  How cool is that for an idea?  They won't disappear in a hurry as no-one will take time to take if off & walk away with it.

Towels I picked up in a couple of different places at good prices.  Fabric is all out of my stash that I am working through.  Buttons are out of my button tins!  Yay for cool buttons to coordinate with cute hand towels!

So it is nice to make something different.  The things I had made previously we definitely need a change from.  I hope I can come up with another couple of ideas now just to give the stall a change.  I guess if they don't sell I can gift them to all my family instead!  Look out!

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Anonymous said...

A good idea. Everyone needs a hand towel within reach. Some even have one on half an apron.