22 February, 2017

Hit of Colour

Do you know the designer Kaffe Fassett?  He's been well known in designing for a long while now, being a very quirky knitter with loads of colours & crazy patterns.  Quilts & fabric are also a great thing of his.

To be honest I never really liked it.  But the fabric has grown on me over the years of working with it, or rather selling it & seeing so many cool things that people create with it.

I know a couple of people that love it.  A lot!

Having been on a roll of towel making last week I thought I would make a little gift for a friend.  She will laugh.  These are some of her favourite fabrics.  I actually took the fabrics to the towel factory with me to find towels to match it.  The fun thing with this fabric is you can go almost any colour!  Even with the buttons!

As I still have half a towel of each of these left over I am going to make myself a pair too.  We have one of the other towels hanging in the kitchen & everyone loves it.  Only because you know it will actually be there where you left it!  lol  But I need more now.  These will be on high use which means high washing rotation I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Colours are fantastic. You did very well to find material to match them.