18 February, 2017

Footy Day

Did you know that the Hawthorn Hawks are kind of a Tassie team?  Well the Tassie government give them lots of money, so Tassie is kind of their home ground.  They had a match in Tassie on Friday night apparently.  

Saturday morning saw a kids coaching clinic in our town!  So being a family of mostly Hawks supporters, Stuart was happy to drag the boys along.  Actually they went willingly.  (as did I!)  The boys joined in in the 2 hour clinic which was fun to watch.  There were 4 groups of kids & 4 Hawks players split between them.  

It was really a great day.  What a great thing to do for people though.  I imagine it would be quite a struggle for the players at times to put on a happy face for something that becomes quite frustrating, boring, repetitive for them, but they did a good job, especially after coming after a practice match the night before.  

Heck, I even got a bit of coaching done with Ben myself.  Hahaha...  yeah, watching a group of 4-5 year old's trying to follow instructions from way above their level is funny, so umm...  I helped.  I don't know if Ben was happy about that or not, but hey, I can send them off in the right direction so the plan of the footballer kind of works.  Four & five year old's just don't get it.  

We managed the autograph session where Stuart managed to get 2 of his hats signed, but the boys were wearing them of course!  lol  Plus the photos...  awesome fun.  Apparently this is worthy of "journal writing" come Monday at school!  

Boys & Ben McEvoy

Boys & Kade Stewart

Will Langford & Shaun Burgoyne

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Anonymous said...

I bet the kids were thrilled to meet a few Hawthorn players and have a bit of coaching from them!!