21 January, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Great days at work.
  • Fabulous customers.
  • Customers doing random acts of kindness for other customers.  Such a beautiful thing to see happen.
  • Conversations with an elderly man.  Nice to get to know him a bit better after all this time.  & yes, he is a customer too!
  • Customers who show appreciation or thanks when you assist in ways they don't expect.  
  • Opportunity to work on a craft project alongside friends that makes it so much more fun to share.
  • Really fun days with the boys.
  • Awesome progress on their bikes.



Anonymous said...

How great to see customers really happy and then a "random act of kindness. How awesome is that to see!

Bron said...

What a great thing having a place of work that brings so much joy and thankfulness xxxx