07 January, 2016

Lazy Logs

I have never done a proper Log Cabin designed quilt before.  I guess I should really say I haven't still.  But this is a Log Cabin of sort.  A very, very lazy one though.  No measuring, no straight cutting if I couldn't be bothered.  All scraps...  A very odd assortment I must say.

There are 20 squares on the floor.  I actually have 40.  Hmmm...  Enough for 2 charity quilts maybe or one really giant one.  Don't know yet.  Will leave them at this stage for now.  I might try quilt-as-you-go with one set, just to try that method out.

I don't really like this pattern though I have decided.  Too ages to make these.  Well, maybe a weeks worth of nights.  Not sure.

Also, I still have a lot of scrap fabric left!  Not getting very far it seems, but having given what is left a bit of a sort I think it is getting to be less.  Finally!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is certainly different to the ones you did before. Good to have a variety though, but I think there will always be a favourite somewhere along the way.