02 January, 2016

Taking Stock - January

Making :  quilt tops from scraps of fabrics that breed when you don't look.  
Cooking :  sausages usually for the boys, to go with the salad that I throw together.  
Drinking :  Raspberry smoothies, with the raspberries DJ picks.
Reading:  The Light Between Oceans.  The book Stuart gave me for Christmas.
Wanting:   Summer to go on & on...  just not too hot!  lol
Looking:  at too many books I want to read that sound interesting.
Playing:  Monopoly with a 7 & 4 yr old is interesting!  
Deciding:    What day to go & watch the Snoopy movie.  Boys gave me movie tickets for Christmas so we can all go!  
Wishing:  BJ had different teachers this year.  But I should give these a chance first, I know!  
Enjoying:  School holidays & the stressless days. (well mostly stressless anyway!)
Waiting:  for specialist appointment for BJ to be fast-tracked!  
Wondering:  if the really cool shop that burnt down on Christmas Eve will ever reopen.  
Loving:  The lazy days between Christmas & New Year.
Pondering:  how busy work might be when I go back.
Considering:  type of car to change too.  It's hard.
Buying:  A car I think soon...
Watching:  movies from out of my cupboard while there isn't much else on TV.
Hoping: for a busy day at work when I go again.  
Marvelling:  at DJ's language & how his vocabulary is growing so much!  
Cringing:  at the thought of school starting in a month.
Needing:  Sleep!  Been way too hot & combined with a late New Year's Eve (unintentionally!) I am so tired.
Questioning:  Friends.  Are they really?  Or am I better off without them?  Are they (dare I say it) "toxic"?
Smelling:  My Daniel Morecombe roses.  Just beautiful.  
Wearing:  shorts!  Hopefully for a while longer.  
Noticing:  I am a better person for not being on facebook much.  lol  
Knowing:  holidays won't last forever!  :-(
Thinking: about how to fit everything in over the holidays that the boys want to do but still do "nothing".  (is that even possible?  lol)
Admiring:  Princess Mary.
Sorting:  Fabric scraps.
Getting: too many books.  
Bookmarking:  quilt patterns I would like to make.
Disliking:  nights that are too hot to sleep well.
Opening:  online purchases when they arrive!  
Giggling:  at Calvin & Hobbes cartoons.  
Snacking:  Christmas treats.  
Helping:  DJ try to pronounce some letters correctly, on those few moments when he is interested in trying!  lol
Hearing: too many requests for food from little people all day!  
Feeling:  Tired so I am going to bed.  Goodnight!  

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