14 January, 2016

Thursday Thanks

  • Summer time fun a lazy times too.
  • Play with new friends.
  • Helping out a friend.
  • Beaut summer food.
  • Summer time treats.
  • Boys that are getting the hang of riding bikes - without fear!
  • Home grown food.
  • A great husband that has put in a lot of time on the vegetable garden.
  • A cooler day that brings less irritation & better sleep.  


Bron said...

Wow they are riding there bikes well...give them more freedom and make you walk faster. Hope the weather hasn't been too summery in your neck oF the woods xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yes I love summer and hope it lasts for awhile yet. Lovely salads and lots of fresh fruit around also.
Gardening does take a fair bit of time, but it's also relaxing.