09 January, 2016


With the new Snoopy movie out it was inevitable that McDonald's put out new Snoopy toys.  

Inevitable then that I had to go to McDonald's to get them.  

Inevitable then that I had to get out all my old Snoopy's that the boys have never seen.  

11 large Occupation Snoopy's.

56 small World Snoopy's.

A couple of little ones that are phone hang tags & one was a Kinder surprise egg I think.  

Boys excited to see, but not really "play" with mum's collection.  I'm a bit sad at how the faces are yellowing on a few.  

Anyway, I have 3 new ones to add to the collection & will frequent Macca's once again for the new toys.  Toys bought but no Happy Meals I might add.  Yes you can buy the toys without the food.  Thank heavens.  I remember when the first series of 21 World Snoopys came out, they were with a cheese burger only.  But 21 days of cheeseburgers was pretty awful.  My brother & I did it though.  Never again...  

I can't remember what the second set entailed & I also managed to get a few of the overseas ones on Ebay to complete the sets.   There were a few overseas ones that were in the USA or Europe that we didn't have released in Australia.  

Now they are all freshly packed in a new box & put away again.  


Bron said...

WoW now that is dedication ...21 cheeseburgers. So so glad for you that you can now get them without the food...what a fun collection for your kids to see. Xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a shame to pack them up already. I'm sure they would have been delighted to sit around for a while.