23 January, 2016

Camping Holiday

We've wanted to get away like this for a while.  The boys have wanted to stay in a caravan for a while.  We finally did.

Only about an hour away, but we stopped on the way in a town called Beaconsfield where about 10 years ago, a mine collapsed & trapped a couple of men who were rescued alive two weeks later.  It hasn't been a working mine since but now is a major tourist attraction.

It was very interesting with a lot of hands on experiences to try for everyone.

A drive to the other side of the river after to fill in a little more time before our place was available to move in too.  That included driving over Batman (& Robin) Bridge.  

Georgetown had a nice fabric shop which was open for me to buy stuff  visit.  YES!  

Plus there was this really clever set of wood carvings.  

Finally at campground.  We were staying in an onsite caravan.  Awesome fun.  The park was very kid friendly with one of those amazing jumping pillows.  There were over 20 kids on there at the same time at some points.  DJ lived on this.  BJ was there a bit but made friends with others & mastered his bike riding so got around a little further.  Also a school friend was camping so he was continuously busy.  

The wildlife roaming about was spectacular.  Dusk saw the wombats come out.  Very easy to see six of an evening.  They just wandered about the vans & cars without a care.  Many wallabies & potaroos too.  Also a couple of possums we spotted.  A busy day but a great one.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful chance for the boys to see all that wild life. Also to get an idea about history. They'll always remember those things.

Bron said...

I am so glad you did get away...reminds me of all the trips we did as kids....camping is great and the parks were always filled with instant friends.