06 January, 2016

A First

Big moment for the little one.  His first cinema experience.

The boys gave me movie tickets for Christmas - coincidence that there were two adult & two children ones.  lol

Also included in with their tickets were pictures of Snoopy they had drawn or coloured.  So it was the Snoopy movie we had to go & see.  They know I love Snoopy.  So we watched that today.  DJ did struggle a bit sitting there.  He did better sitting still when we went to see the musical of "The Lion King".

Anyway, we had a great experience with him.  Nice movie.  So well done I think.  They kept the look of each character so well on the big screen.  Was quite like reading a comic that moves a bit!


Bron said...

What clever kids...the gift for everyone. Xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful experience for a first time at the real cinema for the little one. A good practise for when school starts. Very relaxing holiday for everyone. Enjoy all these moments.