27 January, 2016

Camping Holiday 3

We headed out of camp for a bit of an adventure at a zoo nearly an hour away.  It included a Jurassic swamp which isn't your average display at a zoo.  They had loads of real animals, but the boys were excited to go see the dinosaurs & kept asking when the dinosaur feeding was.  We saw a lot of Aussie animals & a lot of birds.  The petting zoo with the farm animals the boys enjoyed as well.  

Pedal buggies in the afternoon around camp were a hit too.  

As was the rockmelon.

Some cricket with some other boys he met in camp.  Loads of fun.  

It was an enjoyable time.  Would go back tomorrow & do it all again.  

1 comment:

Bron said...

So much fun...what an interesting animal collection with the dinosaurs.

Hope you get to do it all again soon. xx