05 January, 2016

A New Project...

...For a whole Year!

Yes, a year.  This is the start of the Town & Country Quilt Block of the DAY!  It's an amazing piece of quilt work that the designer has come up with.  Work got on in on it with fabrics for sale.  We love it so the 3 of us at work are all making one.  

Every week I will get our 7 new patterns for the week emailed.  I can finish these 2 from this night sky set on the weekend.  I haven't actually sewn these yet.  Just fused them on.  It's going to be quite different when sewn.  So stay tuned.  Hang out with me all year while I hopefully keep up won't you?

1 comment:

Bron said...

Hey a new project for the year ahead...look forward to seeing your progress. xxx