06 February, 2012

Weekend Penguin Party

What a great weekend!  We had some rain too!  Lovely rain, now hopefully the grass goes green again!  I did get a little time to sew in between all the time out.  I decided on Penguin Parade from Melly & Me.  Quite cute.  Quite simple.  I did it a little differently to the pattern though.   The pattern uses freezer paper.  I just find that stuff a waste of time!  But that's just me.  So I made up plastic templates for the body piece as well as the rest. These are pretty simple though.  Just takes time if you are hand stitching all the pieces on.  I did.  I don't have blanket stitch on my sewing machine so I have to hand sew.  But that's OK, it uses up embroidery thread of which I have rather a LOT!  I also didn't put the heart on the tummies.  I wanted to show off the fabrics instead.  The feet & tummy pieces are scraps, mostly from the quilt top I made the other day.  Had them sitting there so used them.  The eyes & beak I used felt for as well, rather than fabric.  So that's my take on the penguins.  BJ picked his tummy fabric.  The spots.  DJ got the one on the left & mine is the centre one.  Needed one a bit more florally for me.  Quite cute & yet more toys around the house but oh well, as usual I love the reaction of the boys.  Even DJ was excited when I gave him his.  His expressions were lovely, so I have to imagine that he was being thankful in his baby ways & appreciative of a toy mummy made him.  

Happy Monday!

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BeginnerCath said...

Hi there, I love your penguins! You are so creative. What angreat way to use up some leftovers. And great your little ones loved them so much too.

Do you have the pattern for these?