12 February, 2012

So This Was Sunday

The week has gone by in a bit of a blur.  Sometimes it is just like that isn't it?  Although you have been busy & have done a load of stuff, you really can't remember what or have anything to show for it.  Oh well, that was me this week.  But with all the stuff going on all about me I did get a bit of time to chill out today with some other like minded ladies!  What a treat!  Our local group from ravelry met for the first time this year.  We hadn't met up since December so it was nice to again.  The really cool thing though is that our number doubled from 5  to 10 this time!  So not only did we get cake & coffee but also great company!  We went to the Cherry Shed fairly locally & I must say I was planning on taking a picture of something delicious for you, but I was a bit excited & ate it all up too quickly to do such a thing.  But it was really delicious just so you know that a meringue basket with cherry icecream, cream & fresh cherries on top was really, really good.  Also great to see the ladies with their projects that were completed for our show & tell bit!  Wow, I never would have thought that at my age I would be playing at show & tell!  Not that I had anything to show this time.  I could have taken those squares but I forgot!  Maybe next time.  I took my basket & sat & rippled along on the blanket instead.  At least I didn't need to think much about that while listening to chatter, eating & so on.  Got a few new projects to check out after seeing some cool stuff.  I have also decided I won't be attempting toe-up socks any time soon.  So as I go on this evening full of inspiration & ideas once more, I will check out the new pattern for the square for the week & then be on my merry way to bed!  But that is good too as I am trying to read "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" & it is starting to get easier to read & I am getting into it now.  So must dash!  Have a good week won't you!


Sally said...

Double SNAP! My week has been all busy and little to show for it... and I've started reading "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo"... but I'm not into it yet.
Lucky you to have got to meet up with lots of clever crafters today.

Lee-Ann said...

Isn't show & tell fun at our age..lol, never to old for fun.
Love your ripple..no I haven't started mine..and read the 3 books, really enjoyed them, but found the 3rd hard with all the names..who's a goodie & who's the baddie.. Lol