18 February, 2012

Finally a Square!

I finally had a chance on Thursday to do my next square for the crochet along.  Well, I would have really liked to have put it off for another 100 years or so!  This week we had the square Enough Love To Go Around.  Nice name & pretty square.   Yeah it is all that.  But what a pain of a square to hook!  Grrr...  Ok, so the original pattern isn't very clear which you soon find out from reading details by others that have made it.  Then there is a re-write on another blog where someone has tried to simplify it, plus someone else has done a chart.  So with all three of these in front of me I battled on.  I have one wrong round but I don't care on this one.   It seems to take such a long time to do a round.  I didn't think I had done the round wrong really but it didn't make any difference to the end so I just thought it can stay put.   A couple of times I nearly did think I would just ditch the whole lot & not bother but I didn't want to be a quitter either!  So I did it.  It is ok.  It was wavy as anything, I could nearly surf on it!  So I have put it out for blocking.  I think the super duper double trebles are a bit tight.  Boy those stitches seem to go on for ever when you do them!  So that's another one.   A challenge for sure.  It's done & I won't be doing another.  Oh & I don't think I should have done the centre a different colour than the rest of the light yellow bit as they are actually a heart sort of motif in the middle, but there was no way I was undoing it for that either!  One day I will like it maybe...

Happy Saturday!

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Sally said...

Sounds like a battle. Good on you for persisting though. I'm like that too... even though you wonder if the finished process will be worth it.

Good to have a go at the blocking too. I've never blocked anything. Let me know how it works out.