05 February, 2012

How Lucky Are We?

This is the kind of thing we can go & see in our National Parks.  Great huh?  We went to visit with some relatives that were staying in the caravan here.  We stayed for the evening as the wombats all come out at dusk.  We had one wallaby hanging around the barbecue shed while we had our tea.   That wallaby even came right around to watch us eat as you can see in the picture of Stu & BJ.  Wallaby is above the table there.  So cool!  BJ had a great time checking out all the animals.  We saw loads of kangaroos in the distance in one section of the park.  Also some potaroos, kookaburrs, pademelons & luckily I didn't have the opportunity to see a snake, but there were some on the track to the bird hide.  Lucky for me I had a BJ with my little walking group.  He made enough noise & jumping & carrying on to scare any snake away from me.  Phew... I really, really hate them & would just about move to New Zealand so I would never have to see another one again.    After our barbecue tea we had a good trek around the park & the wombats started to appear.  I think we saw six in the area.  Four of those were up close.  They really are cute.  I would love one!  Oh yeah, at the bird hide we saw a pelican across the lake.  He was a long way away but he was there all the same & we saw it.  Pretty cool.  We are lucky to have all this not too far from home.  This park is great for camping but not so much for little kids like ours quite yet.  There isn't enough there during a day to entertain them without taking a long a whole lot of games too.  It's right by a beach too so you can go down for a bit of a swim or what have you if you wish.  Not good yet for little ones either quite yet.  It was nice to go out & hang out though for the afternoon & evening.  I really never tire of seeing animals in the wild like that.  When we were getting in the car to leave one wallaby came out by the car with a joey in it's pouch for us to see.  So cool.  So lucky to see such a thing.

Hope you are having a great & lucky weekend experiencing something wonderful!


Bron said...

They are great places to see amazing animals...lucky about the snake...unlike our Saturday morning!
Have also passed on an award if you want to play. xx

Claire said...

Hey Mandy, how fab seeing all those animals in the one place..........I can imagine the kids (big and small!!) loved it.

So nice to have this place on your doorstep, a wonderful way to spend your weekend.

Thanks for popping by my blog lovely to 'meet' you, enjoy your week,

Claire :}