16 February, 2012

More Play Time For Me

Ok, so the ulterior motive of taking the boys to the play place was so I could too!  I'm not silly you know!  But I had promised BJ a visit to here for a few weeks & we picked the perfect day being the first day back at school for the big kids!  So BJ had a great time playing with a new friend.  DJ had his first play in the ball pit too which was entertaining & then he crashed out & slept for the rest of our few hours so that was terrific!  I got out the knitting needles & knit away!  Yes, knitting in public!  Who ever thought it!  But I don't care!  There were even some other mums there that I know well, but I didn't care!  I just sat there & did my knitting.  

And here it is!  

On Tuesday I grabbed a ball of this lovely variegated Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter, colour 164.   It had only just arrived!  We hadn't even marked it off the invoice yet!  But we are working on our new window display so a beanie in the new colour was a must.  So Tuesday night I got to start knitting the rib while watching a bit of My Kitchen Rules.  (Totally addictive TV viewing!)  Wednesday I managed to get a lot knitted while at the play place.  Wednesday I managed to get it finished.  I was going to leave the sewing up until this morning but well, it shouldn't take long should it?  So I did that last night too.  This morning I had to take a picture of the moving target.  Excuse the crap picture of DJ wearing the hat but it's hard to get a non blurry picture of a very active baby.  So you get the idea anyway.  One baby Slouchy Pull On Hat from the Sirdar Baby Crofter Hat pattern leaflet.   Cute as.  But I will make a size up from what they advise for the age next time.  This was a size 1-2 years & boy is it small.  If it actually fits him come winter I would be surprised.   I did this one as the pattern said on 2 needles but I think I might try it again on a circular - no seams!  I really do like this yarn.  For an acrylic/nylon blend it is so soft!  Now I want to make a scarf with it.  The variegations are lovely!  I looked on Ravelry & noticed some people have also made socks with it!  Nice!  Would be nice for little people I think, but way to hot in a DK yarn for me, unless they were more slipper socks.  Hmmm... nice idea.  Now to find some time.  Wonder if we have any available at work as I really need to get some.  

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Sally said...

It is so lovely! What gorgeous colours. Delightful I tell you... 100% delightful.

...and yes I am a tad addicted to My Kitchen Rules too... so glad to see those QLDers sink last night.