21 February, 2012

More Yummy Fabric

What do you think of this fabric?  
Orange & pink?  Who would have thought huh?  
I love it!  There is something about it. 
I have to check the name of it again.  I can't remember of course.  I will edit this here later when I find out!  
I think I love it even more than the vintage style fabric I posted a couple of weeks ago.  We've teamed it up at work with a couple of Moda Bella Solids in Azalea & Orange & boy do they look stunning.  Another quilt is going to be kitted up with this lot.  I got to cut lots of it up last week.  But there is still plenty left if you need it!  I have got some put away for me.  I only got one little fat quarter of the other fabric!  I do need this one.  I think it is just awesome.  Trying to decide what to do with it now. Besides fondle & cuddle it that is... 
Good thing I don't have girls to make clothes for!  I would be sewing cute little dresses all the time I think with the awesomeness that is the fabric available these days!  I really need to try to make some sort of jacket though I think.  Just to see if I can.  I know there is one in the Make It Perfect range of patterns.  Yep there is, the Downtown boy jacket.  Cute.  I wonder if I could do it!  But the About a boy satchel would be cute for me in the above fabric!  lol  
Better go!  Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.  More like playtime for me really!  Have a good one!


LadyBugg said...

Pink & Orange is very beautiful when put together. Not done very often, which is a shame.

Sally said...

Yeah I'm liking the pink and orange too. Not sure about it for a boy's messenger bag though... but perhaps I am being too conservative. Go for it :)