20 February, 2012

Tilt-A-Whirl Anyone?

Do you like rides like this, at the fairs, fetes, shows - whatever you have in your neck of the woods?  This is a very tame looking ride I think, but a Tilt-A-Whirl is about the limit to what I would have tried way back then!  Now I won't even go near the things.  I would be sick as anything.  Sick I tell ya!  

Luckily for the motion sickness type like me there is this kind of Tilt-A-Whirl!  

Woohoo!  Our new crochet along square this week!  I was able to get a little head start on this one as I ended up choosing it!  The moderator from the group had recently asked if anyone else could step in to pick one.  So I said I would if she still needed someone.  Sunday morning I had a message to say yes please, & Today!  So I went through my queue of patterns & in less than 5 minutes I had this one submitted to her.  So I got to start it a bit earlier.  Yay!  I loved it!  I really enjoyed this one.  It looks really complicated but is so easy!  (after last weeks square anything else is going to be easy! lol)  But no, really this one was.  I really enjoyed doing it & love the wonky look of the centre piece.  Just makes a nice change from all the centred squares we have done so far.  I really must think to take a picture of all the squares together so far.  But I try not to look at them too much during the week.  Still not loving the colours.  Anyway, it's coming up roses & should be an interesting blanket eventually!  It sure has been an enjoyable project for the most part!  

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Sally said...

It does look like a good square - great choice!!!
... I'm not one for rides really. Especially ones at amusement parks that look like they might fall apart.