24 February, 2012

The Library Rocks

Don't you think?  

Boy we are certainly getting around the libraries lately!  We have been to three different ones in a week.  Since BJ got his own card he loves to use it!  We go there at the moment every two or three days & get the maximum out that we can each time, which is 15!  

Wow, what happened to the days when you were allowed only three or four!  Not that I had a hope ever of reading that many books in the time.  I was the slowest reader on earth!  I never did make the MS Read-a-thon very much money but I participated & tried my hardest!  lol  Really I was only collecting certificates of participation!  I know I wasn't going to get certificates any other way so these were it!  I think I had five.  

Kids books have come a long way now too.  We have had some terrific ones lately.  I really must mention these that we had last week.  I would love to get them again later on.  They are definite keepers.  You can always pick what BJ likes of course, as they get repeated where ever possible.  But these two I have pictures below really appealed to me too.  In fact I wanted to read both & make sure that Stuart got to read them both to BJ as well as I liked them so much.  If he knows them I can at least talk about them with him from an adult perspective & what I liked about them.  I love the idea in the story Doodleday that that pictures the boy draws come alive.  How cool to create such an idea in a child's head.   BJ doesn't really need help in the imagination department but these were certainly appreciated by his little mind!    For all the pirate books that are about these days, the one was a cute one.  Really special.  Something I have come across in a number of books now is the move to have to turn a book sideways as the pictures get illustrated long ways down the page.  I like that.  That adds a new dimension to a book too.  Some even have the words written all over the place.  One just yesterday had the words going around like they were in a swirl.  Very cool.   It all adds to it that's for sure!  

If your libraries are anything like ours here, we can put holds on books online & they come to your chosen library for pick up.  I have just done this again tonight with some other favourites of ours.  These are all books by Karma Wilson.  Bear Snored On & Bear was Scared are a couple that we have had a few times before & I always look for them but never seem to find them so have put holds on them & they will be available for pick up soon.  I also love that we can just go to any library in the state & get them out.  How cool is that.  That's why we have been to three this past week.  Why not make the most of a terrific resource.  

I did get to go all by myself after work last week so had time to sit on the floor & go through the knit & crochet books on the shelf!  Ahh...  bliss.  Normally I have the boys in tow so that gets a bit hard.  I can usually grab my ordered books off the shelf & that's the extent of it.  So I have been enjoying  a couple of different crochet books this week too in between things.  Love it!  

If you have had any good craft books or kids books that you recommend let me know!  It's always good finding new authors too!  


Bron said...

The library is my main source for playgroup story reading...especially love the online ordering meaning I don't have to traipse around town between libraries.
So many great kids books around.

Sally said...

We love the library here too. Baby O got his library card before we arranged for his birth certificate!!!