31 January, 2011

The Reward For All The Finishes

... is starting something new of course. I had every intention last night of working on the Rainbow Ripple but it was just too hot to sit under. So having got this yarn recently I thought I had better use it. It's a nice varigated soft acrylic. I thought it too would make a nice baby blanket. But with the varigated yarn I didn't want to do anything with a pattern that would suit better with changing colours. So I quickly checked though Crochet Pattern Centrals list of afghans for a blanket that I could use. I didn't look at that many as the tennis was starting & I want to get the hook going. I found this Bubble pattern. It's pretty simple & quite effective. I have done almost 5 inches & used up almost one 100g ball. Wow! It is worked in single crochet pretty much so it isn't growing very quickly & you can't really see the little bobbly bits sticking up out of it in the picture. But it is nice I think. I think it will make a nice boy blanket for one of the many friends who are expecting this year. Hopefully one of them has a boy! It's pretty cute. I have another nice varigated in the same yarn as this one that I will have to find another pattern in that list for. I will have to go & get a couple more balls of this one though as once I finish this ball I should work out how many I need to get it a decent size. It's all good fun & keeping me occupied anyway.

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Sally said...

WOW - another baby blanket. Lovely indeedy and those colours are so sweet they'd suit a girl too.
You are on a crochet mission for sure. I must get my butt into gear.