09 January, 2011

A Year Ago Today

It's been quite a year! Today last year we moved house! It was really quite a huge thing for me as I never imagined I would move out of the house that we had lived in for almost 18 years at that time. But well, even I had to be realistic & realize we had outgrown that one. It was even me that initiated the house hunting & looking at the place we ended up buying, since named Fell Farm. :-) We love it. It feels like we have been here for years & years. I never imagined I would be able to move but I did. We are very happy here in our little paradise.

With the new place we become pretty committed gardeners. Fortunately the flower garden are mostly pretty easy but we had a crash course in vegetable gardening as soon as we moved in reaping the benefits of the work that the previous owner started in the gardens. We are now planting, growing & eating our own hard work though which is very rewarding. It's particularly great when you can save some money on your groceries, especially with the vegie prices due to rise. Pity I can't grow mangos, watermelon & bananas though.

Another huge thing for the year was that I went back to work sort of. Some people might not call one day a week "work" as such but for me it was great to get out to do that one day. Actually it only started out as a fill in spot & then a couple of hours a week & then a whole day! Bonus! My dream job in a craft shop! What could be better. :-)

They are the major points of our last year really. Of course there were other great things that are probably newsworthy but I won't bore you all that as I'm probably the only one that cares anyway! lol

Instead I will leave you with pics from the beach today. It is amazing to see how far BJ has come in a week playing on the beach. Considering he wouldn't even go on the beach only a few weeks ago. He had some playmates in the pool for a while & they were all older than him too, but he did eventually copy what they were doing too. It's all good. He copies everything at the moment. But here he is playing with his boat that he got for Christmas & having a great time. Also I must add that he is sporting his new hat that he got for Christmas made for him by a great friend Sally. She made a hat & shorts like it for her own little guy & made BJ a set for Christmas too. So lovely & beautifully made! The hat is just awesome, particularly because I can pick him out in a crowd of kids easily in it! Have a great week!


Sally said...

What a great year! Bravo!!! May the next twelve months be even better.

... and BJ looks like he is having SO much fun. Fantastic.

Full Little Tummies said...

Love the photos. What a cutie!!!

Taylor Made said...

Reading this has just made me realise that we have been in our home 12 years yesterday...I can't imagine moving from our little place.
Thanks for sharing