30 January, 2011

Another Finish

This has been a good weekend to finish things off. Don't you love finishes... I have been working on another of the dragonfly cushions. I like this one way better than the first one I did. This one I did with DMC pearl #5 907. It's for someone that likes green, lime green at that. I thought I would make it a little more funky though & a little less white but backing it with something other than the linen that the front is attached to. I chopped that off & added this lime green fabric backing.
I really like it. Now I want to do 2 new ones for me & back them. I nearly did with my original but I just did it how it was designed. I am waiting for new ones to arrive at work. I had better not buy them all though. (if you are interested in one email me through here & I will give you the details on who to call as work does send stuff out all over Aus!) I would really like a couple more. I gave one in the packet to someone for a present the other day. I hope she enjoys doing it. I have all sorts of ideas on doing more though. I have to stop thinking ... I don't have time for all the thinking to be put into action.

I must say while I am sitting here melting that I am really glad I am only 15 weeks along. It would be terribly uncomfortable. Bad enough at this stage. Got to love winter babies! lol

Ok, I had better go & finish off this other little thing I just started & then I can get back to some other projects that also need my attention. Happy Day everyone.


Melinda said...

I love finishing projects too. Next favourite is starting something new.

Karen said...

That's really cool!! I love it, and yeah It is just a wee bit toooo hot today isn't it!!

Taylor Made said...

They are so beautiful...green is my favourite colour...your embroidery is so lovely.

Anonymous said...

A tad late commenting I know - but I visited your Creative Space and this was one of the previous posts that appeared at the bottom and it caught my eye. I just love this cushion. It's one of those things that looks relatively simple but if not executed well doesn't look good - yours however looks fantastic! :D