06 January, 2011

Rainbow Ripple

It's getting bigger! & wow, I was impressed with how awesome it is looking if I do say so myself! I just love it. This is laid out on a queen size bed. It is almost the width of it. Not bad at all. I just put it on the single bed though to get a better idea of how long it needs to be. Ok, I'm only just a little bit past half way. That's ok, I am quite enjoying doing it. It is getting hotter though so I don't know how much I will get done in the next couple of months as I am quite hot by the time I put it down of a evening. I will have to decide on another blanket soon I think so I have something smaller to work on. I just looked at the wool shop when picking up another couple of balls for this one. I really can't decide what I would like to work something on, but I think cotton would be nice. A cotton/acrylic blend would be ok. I did see some in the store that had a few colours available. Not many of the ranges have a lot of colours. I might change my mind completely before then & go for something else like a varigated something. Mostly the varigated I looked at came in acrylic though. I am still liking the idea of cotton. I have a ball of one I looked at so I might experiment with that a bit first to see what it hooks up like. I think it was only a 4 ply so may be interesting to try after the rainbow ripple.

A beautiful morning at the park with kids & friends so that was fun! Loving this sunny stuff! Have a good day! It's nearly the weekend!


Karen said...

WOW it is getting big!! Its looking really excellent Mandy:-)

melissa said...

Wow that looks beautiful! Congratulations on getting over half way AND sticking with it!

melinda said...

I love your choice of colours, it'll look amazing as a bedspread.

Taylor Made said...

That's awesome great job you should be proud of yourself.

sylviesgarden said...

Utterly gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

really GREAT.you've done a wonderful job.