03 January, 2011

Christmas Ornament Goal

Ok, I know Christmas is over but I felt like working on a few Mill Hill ornaments so I did. I have had a little time to sit & play so I was able to dig a couple of these out. There is Penguin from the 2009 series of ornaments & the Teddy Wagon & Elfin Magic are both old ones. Those 2 older ones are both done all in beads & only with one colour thread so the Mill Hill kits have certainly come a long way when you look at how intricate the ones coming out now are, complete with specialty stitches, treasure & charms.

I have in mind that I would like to complete a bunch of these throughout the year as part of a craft goal for the year. I don't think I have ever written down plans for anything like that before but thought it would be interesting to see what I manage in the next year.

So firstly I would like to end up with 12 of these ornaments done. One for each month. I had in mind that I would work on one at the start of each month, regardless of what else I was working on. That is going to be quite a challenge for me as I don't normally work on multiple cross stitch projects at once. I really hate doing that actually. But I think this would be interesting. So I guess I have got a good start for the year with 3 out of 12 completed. (then I will need to buy a bigger tree for them all next Christmas!)

I am working on finishing my Rainbow Ripple blanket at the moment too. I have done some of that the last few nights & that will definitely get finished before I start any other blankets. I just saw this one the other day, the Vintage Vertical Stripe blanket. I won't even think about it though until the ripple is done. Then I will need to make the tough choices like colours, yarns & size. Hmmm... so many decisions... but I won't think about it yet. (nope not thinking... brights or pastel? Lap rug size or single bed size? Cotton? Acrylic? Bamboo? Wool blend? nope, not thinking about it at all! Anyone want to work on one of these with me in a couple of months?)

I really would love to work on some more embroideries. I enjoyed the animal ones so much last year & although they aren't quilted up yet I would love to just sit & do some more embroidery. But I need to decide on a design & what to turn it into etc etc, before I start something. I have lots I want to do but then what... Maybe I should just work on the ones that keep calling me regardless! I think that is often the most fun way to be creative, to do what your mood is calling you to do & what appeals to you then & there.

It is going to be a busy year so I don't want to get too carried away yet. I have a couple of ideas of others things I would like to do but don't know how I will manage yet so I will have to think about whether they are even close to achievable or not. I think for the moment I need to keep things simple. Like a jelly roll quilt. It shouldn't be too hard but whether I can start it & work on it until it is finished is a whole other matter. I would prefer to get stuck in & finish it rather than leave it half way through only to come back to it & muddle my way through all the bits.

So that's it for the moment. That's not so bad but mostly just a jumble in my head! (I imagine I will read this a week or more from now & wonder what the heck I was thinking to write such a pile of nothing!) I might add to it later on. We'll see what the months bring. Maybe come the end of summer & moving into the cooler months I will be more inclined to think of big projects that I may be able to try & sit & finish.

Back to work tomorrow for us both. All good things must come to an end but I can look forward to our mini caravan holiday at the end of the month now.

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