14 January, 2011

Baby Ripple

I went to my local wool shop to get more orange for my Rainbow Ripple blanket. She hasn't got any & is waiting for stock. Ok, so I can't do anymore of my rainbow. Darn it. Oh well, I will browse the shop & see what is there since I was in the child free. Found this nice soft squishy wool called Ninna Nanna from Italy. I bought it in 4 colours for a nice baby ripple blanket. I have a few friends expecting this year & thought a couple of local ones may like a nice soft woolly blanket. It looks quite nice really. I got this much done yesterday just veging out. Can't do much else right now with the lovely summer rain we are having. Stuart has been home off work all week so it has been a pretty lazy week. It's actually been quite nice after the festive season & his very short time off work, though we could have done without the issues of why he has been off work! lol So here's to some nice crafty days ahead while the rain continues & we watch the river rise down at the back of our paddock. (it won't flood us though if it does go over the banks so don't worry there!)

I was planning on making a sun hat or 2 for the kid but it doesn't seem like sun hat weather really! What are you working on while it is so rainy? Or are you flooded out? Have you lost all your craft stash through a flood this week? I hope you are getting some nice crafty time in like I am. Stay dry & drive safely. The roads are horrible.


creative kate said...

Your baby ripple blanket is gorgeous, I struggle with the ripple pattern as a crocheter myself so well done!
I have just discovered your blog and I love it, so much crochet which always gets me in!
The rain can be a good motivator can't it, I was able to start crocheting a scarf yday with the rain pouring down! I am also a fellow taswegian blogger too, from Burnie!
your blog is great!
Kate :)

Lee-Ann said...

Hi Mandy,
love the ripple blanket, is it easy ...???
tried emailing you and its come back to me ...

Anonymous said...

That is really pretty. Well done so far. Hope you can get the wool for the rest of the ripple blanket you were doing.