02 January, 2011

Our Own Personal Beach Pool

What more could you want when you go to the beach? With BJ just discovering how fun the beach could be we went down again today after a very successful play there yesterday as well. Bj didn't like the sand before. But now it's different. We had a great run around today once again in a pool left by the tide. This is an ideal time to take a toddler to the beach to play. It's entirely different if you are a big person & want to swim as it is then a long walk to the water. lol But we had a great time today. BJ really wanted a sandcastle so we were armed with bucket & spade. Apparently you can't make one without a bucket. But of course it was me that did most of the work on castle. He had fun knocking it down. All good. It's been a great introduction to the fun of the beach. He didn't sit in the water once as he doesn't get all that yet but he did end up soggy both days. Looks like he is like his parents though & gets shivery very quickly.

*Note - this beach was actually busy here today. There were probably 20 other people on the beach when we were on it. They were all at the other end though. Best kept secret in Aus we are! shhhh... don't tell anyone about it if you know where I live. hehehehe
The holidays for us are drawing to a close already which is really sad to think of already. I only work one day a week so I get a bit of a break the other days still but it's not the same if Stuart is back at work too.

If you have holidays I hope you are enjoying the family time too! It's precious!


Full Little Tummies said...

Hooray finally some sunny days to head to the beach. Our boys don't like swimming much either. They like climbing about the rocks. We will have to catch up for a beach play-date soon. :-)

Sally said...

Yay - gorgeous beach!
Dave goes back to work in Tuesday ... boo hoo! We've been enjoying so many wonderful lazy days here at ours.