21 January, 2011

Craft is Cheap Therapy!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I have been fiddling with a number of different things which I do depending on where I am, what is going on, how much brain power I need.

I finished this Mill Hill Snow Sled the other week. Just finished Kitty Stocking inbetween other bits. That's going well, as that makes 6 already for the year. Half way in my goal of one a month. The end of the year is going to get busy busy busy so I have to try to fit in what I can now. lol
I only work one day a week at the moment & it is amazing what changes in store in that time from one week to the next. Last week I went in & found these Japanese dragonfly patterns. Straight away my mind starts going 10 to the couple of dozen on what & how & who for etc etc... Well I bought one along with DMC pearl #5 Colour Variations 4025. The dragonfly is a cushion technically. The fabric is one piece of linen front & back. The front is printed with the design & the rest also has the edge marked on it to line up front & back to sew. I couldn't read the instructions but at least there were little pictures so you kind of have a clue. All I really needed to know what when you have stitched it up & sewn the cushion you need to wash it. Then all their markings wash straight off. Magic. I must admit I love cheating embroidery like that. This was so simple. Basic running stitch all over. I did stuff up though in one way, in that after I started I had an "Uh oh" moment when I realised I should have backed the front with some interfacing or something as I would end up with serious thread shadows. Ok, lesson learnt for the next one & the next one. I went back to work on Tuesday & got 2 more white ones. (they also came in navy) I have started one in green for someone & I got another DMC in 4200 so I will have a pair.

Finished cushion. The thread shadow wasn't as bad as I was expecting but I have started the next one with interfacing & it is a lot nicer to sew with that on as well.

I have also been working on the baby ripple blanket inbetween everything else. It's growing nicely though I am not sure whether it will be too heavy for a baby though Sally tells me it won't matter really. Better get that finished next anyway. To many things going on. But the dragonfly stitching has been handy to chuck in the bag & take while you wait on repair people.

Have a great weekend!


Taylor Made said...

I just love the cushion...you have so much patience for the stitching thing...thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

That cushion is awesome. I adore dragonflies SO much. Simplicity is so often wonderful - what do they say "it's the simple things"? Something like that anyway - whoever "they" are they got it right :)