03 February, 2011

A Quilt In A Day

Yesterday morning BJ was sleeping in & I had a sudden urge to make this quilt. It is a cheating kind of quilt but does that matter really? The fabric is Beetle Boy from Clothworks. We got it in a couple of weeks ago at work & I really had to have some. The quilt top was cheating as it is just the fabric as is. No cutting, piecing or anything. I just got 1.5m of the top & backing & basted them while BJ slept yesterday. Too easy. He gave me a hand quilting the top later on. I did machine quilt it. I just followed the lines. How easy is that. I used a clear thread on the top & red underneath.

Below you can see the beetles up close & then I have pulled the back up so show the red with yellow dot backing fabric from the range I used. I just love the stripe that I used for the binding. I actually got the stripe originally to make a hat for BJ. I still have enough left I think. I got the strip & one of the blue bugs from the collection for the other side of his hat. I will probably get that done in time for winter! lol I am a bit scared of the hat, though I should try. I am sure it can't be that hard. Anyway, the hat is beside the point. Back to the quilt - I think I spent longer hand sewing the binding on than the rest of it took. What a great way to make a quilt though. If you need a quilt in a hurry this is the way to go. I don't need one in a hurry at all, I just had the sudden urge to make one. It was actually good practice too as I haven't done any for a while & I sure could do with a lot more practice. My binding corners aren't too shabby all things considered! lol This will probably hang up at work for a couple of weeks. I told BJ that it was going there anyway, so he didn't try to claim it like he does with everything I make.

So there you go. Now I can get back to the other list of things I have that I want to do. No doubt there will be new fabric at work that I need again soon. If it is true that there is going to be a worldwide cotton shortage, run out & buy a bunch of fabric now before the prices go up.


Catherine said...

Cute quilt. I would never have know if you didn't tell me that you didn't sew all of those squares together. It sounds like a satisfying job to have a quilt made so quickly.

I hadn't heard that cotton was going up:(

Taylor Made said...

That must be so dangerous for the wallet working around such fun things all the time?

Angel.Pearls said...

Lovely quilt, so fun and nice fabric! Love Eva

Melinda said...

Do you get a comission if we all go and buy fabric? lol

Sally said...

Lordy lordy! It is GORGEOUS!!! What a fantastic fabric. I adore the backing too. How wonderful. Ahhh... to work in a fabric shop - what a dream!