17 February, 2011

The Week At A Glance

Lots of fun at the local play gym... I think this will be a common place to visit from now on. BJ just went flat out for 2.5 hours. I got to watch & crochet for that time. Ahhh... bliss... nice for the both of us. He's growing up. He doesn't need mum's help so much for things like this anymore!

Friendly neighbours are very common right now

The baby blanket I started a couple of weeks ago is still growing. This is 4 balls (100g) so far. Getting hotter to sit under now though so may go in the pile with the Rainbow Ripple blanket.

The zucchinis are abundant. Luckily I have a Stuart that likes to cook & has been hunting for some fabulous recipes using it. This is one of my favourites & it doesn't need cooking! Too easy & great in this humid weather. So very tasty too, which you wouldn't expect from something so simple, but often we find out that simple is best.

Working on dishcloths/washcloths again to build up a stock for later on...

I have also made another Babushka doll (which proved to be much liked - thanks Jana!), sewn a couple of little teddy bears which aren't so cute after all. Not a lot more going on. Our regular yearly programming starts next week. We'll see if I get a bit more motivated to do some other stuff then.


Kirrily said...

Hi Mandy. I had a lot of zucchinis last year and a friend gave me a brilliant zucchini pickle recipe that uses a lot of zucchinis. This year I only have the one plant and seem to be keeping pace with it. It's amazing how quickly they grow, isn't it? Small one day, HUGE the next. :) Kirrily

Sally said...

Oh so much beauty in your space today. I must get onto the washcloth mission too me thinks.

Can you believe it our zucchini vines died this year??? It is pretty hard to kill a zucchini - but it has been one of the hottest and driest summers since records started so I guess that explains it. We had so much zucchini recipe hunting fun last year.

Taylor Made said...

What a nice little insight into your goings on ..Thanks for sharing

ange_moore said...

We make zucchini slice (bit like a quiche), zucchini fritters and have discovered a delicious recipe for ham and zucchini rissotto! Let me know if you want recipes - happy to share with a fellow zucchini grower!!